At Harris Media Co, we take pride in offering the highest quality commercial video services to Cincinnati based businesses.


Over the past 8 years, Harris Media Co has devoted itself to delivering high quality imagery and engaging content that takes our clients’ brands to the next level. But beyond all else, at the heart of HMCo, we are a customer service company where our clients’ goals are our goals.

Our demo reel however can only show off the imagery, we hope you don’t mind.


We were tasked by Jolly Plumbing to write and produce three 15 Second simple commercials with the theme of "Honest Plumbing". Along with their marketing director we nailed down the concept of "Honest Plumbing Starts with Honest Plumbers."


For this video with our friends at Necco, they wanted to capture the "mojo" of Necco. In just one short day we were able to capture multiple quick interviews to capture just that!


This piece for St Elizabeth Healthcare, shot on location at Great American Ballpark, was quite the undertaking simply due to the logistics of GABP. Load in for all the gear we needed for the production was no easy task. This production also featured something that is just so baseball; a rain delay.


Fun Fact: Adam Duvall was in the above video, and several others for this production. The night we wrapped up the edits of these spots, Adam Duvall was traded making us have to reedit the lot. Our editor Lindsey nearly cried…Not really…Well almost.

Reds Shoot.PNG


On May 30th, Ultrarunner Harvey Lewis set out to conquer the Appalachian Trail in record-breaking fashion. Together, he and his 78-year-old father-turned-crewchief navigate remote wilderness and unpredictable weather on their 2,190 mile journey to the top of Mount Katahdin. Along the way they encounter a cast of colorful characters, discovering that the trail is about much more than just escape. Like Harvey Like Son, created in just over 6 months, is the filmmaking debut for Director Rudy Harris Jr, Road iD Films, and Harris Media Co.


“Like Harvey Like Son” was submitted to several film festivals. So far we have been selected to be in the Woodbury Film Festival but we hope to get in to several more!


Created for St Elizabeth Healthcare, this video was to promote their sponsorship of the KHSAA Sweet 16 Girls Tournament. Originally we were sent some average footage from court side of an actual game to simply edit a piece together with. We knew however that we could make something that would stand out from a typical highlight reel.

A behind the scenes look from our shoot with St. Elizabeth Healthcare promoting their sponsorship of the KHSAA Girls Sweet 16 Basketball Tournament. We requested that the school have the basketball team ready to go for the production. They decided to go above and beyond by having the entire class be a part of the production too.


When one of our client’s reached out to us and said, “Do you do animation?” the answer was an emphatic yes. Take a look at this animation we produced for NECCO highlighting the need for foster parents specifically for teens.


St Elizabeth Healthcare is a staple of the Northern Kentucky community. Not simply for being a leader in healthcare in the region but also for all of their charitable works including their Health Ministries department. The Health Ministries department has several services offered but most of all their goal is to the serve the community where the community needs it.


There aren't many people that we have met that can compare to the dynamic and kind soul that is Harvey Lewis - Ultra Runner. When you combine Harvey with one of our favorite clients, ROAD iD, you get one of our most favorite projects we have ever produced.


A behind the scenes look of Harvey being interviewed after the 5 mile hike we all took to film the above piece for ROAD iD. Although this interview shot was beautiful, it turned out that all we needed was Harvey’s voice in order to highlight the incredible beauty that is the Red River Gorge.


This story we produced for LifeCenter, was one of 12 testimonies that are being shared throughout the year this year. Angela's story is just so powerful, and her attitude is just so beautiful.


While riding his bike, Tim was hit from behind by a driver. A helpful bystander, a good helmet, and his ROAD iD turned this terrible accident in to a blessing in disguise.


A behind the scenes look from the DP’s perspective during the interview with Tim. The room we filmed Tim in was a bright sunroom that had a beautiful view of a marsh. It made us want to stop filming and drink a cup of coffee in there. This shoot with Tim and his wife also featured some kayaking on the bay of Tybee Island, a few dogs for everyone to pet and play with, and a crazy house that would make any architect happy.


NECCO came to us with a simply but very effective concept. Simple except for one specific variable; rain. We needed to make it rain. So after a quick trip to a hardware store, we made our own rain machine to achieve the desired effect.


Here is a behind the scenes look from our shoot with NECCO. In the image you can see a small 1” PVC pipe with small holes throughout the length of it. By having drips of water right in front of the lens, it allowed for water to become blurred in the foreground making the effect more realistic. We also had to mount an umbrella over the camera rig as, well, this shoot was a bit wet!


This story of ROAD iD is that of a guy who literally fell in to a great idea. After teaming up with his father, Edward created a product and brand that is “elegantly simple”. We love how fun this piece turned out!


A behind the scenes look of the final shot from our production with ROAD iD. This actually was the final shot of a week long shoot with them that started with filming 3 top level commercials over the course of three days. This scene was shot in their now completely rehabbed office in Covington, KY.


A short edit from a longer form video featuring Cincinnati icon, Molly Wellman. The owner of several Wellman Brands and a total rockstar.


A behind the scene look from our shoot with the coolest bartender/business woman on the planet. What you didn’t see in the video above is that the cocktails she made for us to film somehow were all gone by the end of the shoot. We are still trying to figure out where they went…..


We traveled to Louisville to film three separate Necco stories. This is one of them. Mary is a hero all by herself and has directly and positively impacted so many foster children’s lives.


Everyone has it in them to become a superhero. All they have to do is become an organ donor. Learn more at


A behind the scenes look from our shoot with LifeCenter. We are often asked by our clients, “How much space do you need?” It’s a pretty hard question to answer as different productions require varying amounts of space. This production didn’t need a ton of space, but it was still a tight squeeze in a small conference room.


This 15 second short was created for Durham Brand & Co. It was to gain awareness of a longer form brand video to be produced in the the next month.


Buffalo, NY native Alan has been a lifelong hard worker. From working at a graveyard as a child, to selling rock n' roll t-shirts at flea markets, he has seemingly tried it all. One thing he has had a lifelong passion for however is comics and making his own. Although he has tried many times to be featured in newspapers and the like, he has never been able to accomplish this feat. But still every day for more than 50 years he sits at his desk and continues to put everything he has in to his comics.


A behind the scenes look at our interview set up with Alan. Alan is quite the character if you ever get the chance to meet him. A piece that didn’t make it in to the final cut of this video is the fact that Alan use to sell t-shirts at a flea market for years featuring all the latest bands and artists. But when asked what groups he carried he quickly replied with, “Megadeath.”


This video was an unveiling of the newest branding for the Chamber of Commerce in Northern Kentucky. They gave me a bit of creative freedom which is always welcome!


Our client, Organized Living, is in the business of getting organized. Marie Kondo would be so in love with all that “OL” has to offer!